The Colossus of Rhodes

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The Colossus of Rhodes by Caroline Lawrence
Dolphin Paperbacks
Oct 2005
Having read about a forthcoming television series to be made of Caroline Lawrence's popular Roman Mysteries series by the BBC, I was compelled to catch up with the antics of Flavia and friends. The most recent paperback, The Colossus of Rhodes, takes to the sea, with the usual appealing mix of mystery, history, humour, myth and adventure. Each of the Roman Mysteries tends to focus on one of the four main characters - and this is Lupus's story. Setting sail from Ostia in Lupus's ship, with Flavia's father as Captain, the friends embark on their latest mission - to find and free the children kidnapped into slavery by the evil Venalicius the slave-dealer. Lupus also has his own agenda - to fulfil a sacred oath to himself to find his long-lost mother.

Lawrence's skill at mixing humour and tragedy is once again demonstrated as Lupus's dream is dangled in front of him in an emotive, frantic but ultimately abortive quest. There is some resolution as far as the kidnapping strand to the story goes - but only after Flavia and co have run the gauntlet of obstacles and red-herrings, as always ducking out of mortal danger just in the nick of time. The journey from Ostia to Rhodes entails some wonderful descriptions of the Mediterranean and Greek Islands, conjuring an atmospheric backdrop and a vivid sense of time and place. Perfect entertainment for any families heading to the Greek Islands this holiday season, The Colossus of Rhodes keeps up the momentum of this excellent series, making you eager to read the next one. Visit for more information about the BBC adaptation and details of forthcoming books in the series.

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