The Carnival of the Animals

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Ed. Benson, Chernaik, Herbert Ills. Kitamura
Walker Books
Dec 2005
Instantly recognisable and highly distinctive, Satoshi Kitamura has developed an illustrative style that speaks the unspoken sensitivities and imaginings of the �inner-child�.

Following on from picture books �Once Upon an Ordinary School Day�, �Igor the Bird Who Couldn�t Sing� and �Pablo the Artist�, all of which explore the importance of the imagination and the roles of creativity and expression, it seems natural and organic that the progression should be Walker Books� �The Carnival of the Animals�� more a creative enterprise and a genuine inspiration than a book�

The origins of this project span an impressive amount of time. Over a hundred years ago French composer Camille Saint-Saens wrote a series of musical vignettes depicting animals in a zoological �frame� setting. In the present day, Gerald Benson, Judith Chernaik and Cicely Herbert from Poems on the Underground commissioned poets to write a poem for each of the animals.

Music, poetry and illustrations are carefully interwoven to breathe new life into the menagerie of animals presented � the majesty of the monastic lion, the flightiness of the flightless cocks and hens, the power of the horses, through to the grace and elegance of the swan. A collection of creative vision, this is truly a book to treasure, to read and to return to - a great introduction to the arts of poetry, classical music and illustration!

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