Road Closed

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Jan Mark
Hodder Children's Books
Mar 2006
Published posthumously, this short novel illustrates just what a loss Jan Mark�s is to the world of children�s literature. Connie is staying with her gran as preparations for a street party take place. Anxious that she will not know anyone, Connie is unsure that she wants to attend�

�Road Closed� takes seriously the very real and sometimes paralysing childhood fear of the unexpected and of not knowing anyone that often accompanies parties and indeed attendance at other social gatherings. It sensitively shows how being oneself, showing awareness to others and meeting the needs of those around us responsively not only helps us have a good time, but also ensures that others do too. The story here powerfully demonstrates how the situations we are placed within and our responses towards these play key roles in determining the type of person we are seen to be�

A genuinely surprising ending is not easily achieved within so short a time-span and for such a young audience, it is testament to the writer�s skill and indeed to her latent understanding of the importance of childhood to all of us that one is here posited. A book with a big heart and a bold view regarding the ongoing significance of childhood years.

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