Help! I'm a Classroom Gambler

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Pete Johnson
Corgi Children's
Apr 2006
�Thanks to our invention, no pupil in this school need ever be bored again. That�s an incredible achievement.�
�Help! I�m a classroom gambler� displays Pete Johnson�s characteristic wit and strong-hold over capturing both the politics and demotic of the classroom. Protagonist Harvey and best-friend George have devised a cunning strategy to assuage the boredom and monotony of their typical school regimes � tedious assemblies, long-running lessons and teachers that have fallen into becoming caricatures of themselves�

Gambling! How many times might the Geography teacher blow his nose, how many times might the French teacher interject �Well� into his discourse and how many times might maths teacher, Wobblebottom, scratch?! The possibilities are endless and soon Harvey and George�s �Chancer Syndicate� becomes the speak of the school.

The stakes are raised, however, when school football hero Jonny insists that money be betted rather than ice-creams or student servitude. Several sub-plots are skilfully interwoven at this point in the novel � George feels animosity towards Harvey who succumbs to Jonny�s demands, Harvey�s flawless sister Cynthia finds out about the syndicate and threatens to tell, only to be appeased through deception that her heart-throb Jonny might holster feelings towards her, finally and most concerning of all, Harvey�s locker is broken into and the week�s wagers are stolen�

Through a series of deft moves some form of resolve is reached for each of the above and the constituent parts of this novel make for a real romp of a read that will leave readers ravenous for more by Pete Johnson. On concluding the novel one can�t help but wonder whether Harvey and George have learnt more practical skills and greater awareness than their prescribed school-life could ever have taught them� a chilling conclusion to be left pondering.

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