Alice Next Door

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Judi Curtin
The O'Brien Press
Mar 2006
The O�Brien Press are a small independent publisher based in Dublin. They run a distinctive and distinguished list and can boast the accolade of having discovered both Eoin Colfer and Siobhan Parkinson. With Judi Curtin, they present a challenge to the mantle currently held by the ever-popular Jacqueline Wilson.

�Alice Next Door� is structured around two best friends, Megan and Alice who are separated when the latter moves from their home-town of Limerick to start off afresh with her mother in Dublin. The book focuses on their endeavours to stay in touch, the feelings of loss both experience and a, perhaps, none too cunning plan to stay together!

Where this book succeeds so well is in showing the repercussions that decisions made by adults have on children and the ways in which, accordingly, they must live through these. A happy-ever-after scenario is not presented at the end of the novel, but then this would not be feasible either for Megan or for Alice. The resultant ending is about compromise and leaves the way wide open for a sequel featuring this indomitable duo. At once perceptive and humorous, this novel will doubtless strike a chord with many young readers.

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