The Lottery

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Beth Goobie
Faber Children's Books
Oct 2005
The Lottery is a daring but difficult novel. In it the protagonist Sal somersaults fully-formed and exuberant into the mind of readers. It is her lively disposition that makes Sal�s selection for the school lottery so cruel and unwarranted. For Saskatoon Collegiate�s infamous lottery is just that, a lottery upon whose luck the fate of one student falls each year as they are subsequently isolated, ignored and degraded�

On opening her clarinet case Sal finds � to her disbelief � that she is the next one chosen by the lottery. Sal responds in phases, first denying the results, then feeling angered and despondent. These feelings, depicted against the backdrop of Sal�s history, the personal struggles she has contended with, isolate and bring into rapid relief the injustice she faces. As always with discrimination, this is both arbitrary and organised, coldly callous and manipulative.

Beth Goobie�s writing is incendiary. It flares and flames leaving a deep and indelible impact. It is impossible to come away unmarked�

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1 Comment

i am in the darlington library bok club and i was wonderiong if i could have the email address of the books author to contact

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