The Intruders

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E. E. Richardson
Bodley Head Children's Books
Oct 2005
If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take�

Debut novel The Devil�s Footsteps established E. E. Richardson as a horror writer with an uncanny grasp of the human psyche, an essential qualification in writing books that not only teeter on the edge of our fears and anxieties but lend us greater personal understanding. With The Intruders Richardson further asserts her considerable powers as writer and social commentator.

The drama of this novel unfolds powerfully as Joel Demetrius and his sister Cassie move in to live with the Wilder family in their new house at the culmination of the mother�s relationship with Gerald. The alliance between the two families, however, is an uneasy one, particularly for Cassie who feels ostracised within her own home and betrayed.

The success of this novel�s horror arises through the clever interplay of paranormal activities and familial discord. Richardson�s portrayal of the house and the family home as a malignant entity draws emphasis toward the stability and balance both Joel and Cassie crave on different levels. The novel explores the very real repercussions and family anxieties post-child relationships can cause. That these take place on paranormal planes allows the story to skilfully avoid explicit didacticism.

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