Spy Mice: The Black Paw

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Heather Vogel Frederick
Jan 2006
While trying to escape from the school bullies who habitually torment him, Oz stumbles upon the existence of the Spy Mice Agency, hidden from human eyes beneath the International Spy Museum in Washington. The Spy Mice are waging a dangerous war of intelligence against the villainous rat community. In their mutual desperation, an unlikely friendship is forged between Oz and Glory, a particularly brave and resourceful spy mouse.

The Black Paw is the first book in the Spy Mice series. This a very light read; the characters are affectionately drawn and the story is entertaining and well paced. It will appeal to younger fans of the �Spy Kids� movies and similar. However, it�s all a little bit too cute for my tastes. It reminded me of Michael Hoeye�s stylish Hermux Tantamoq series, where the fastidious portrayal of the mouse characters similarly veers between whimsicality and tweeness.

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