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Nick Gifford
Puffin Books
Jan 2006
Eugenics � the wilful manipulation of the human gene pool with the assumed aim of betterment� By whose will, however, is manipulation carried out, and from what motivations do these actions arise? In Erased Nick Gifford explores these ideas to their utmost in a story that genuinely chills and chafes at ethical and moral certainty�
�Home 4 the wkend? Surprise 4 mum. CU fri. Rsvp.�

Liam Connor receives exeat to go home and spend the weekend with his mother and father. On arriving at the family home, however, he finds it has been ransacked and his mother and father are missing. The situation descends still further when, returning for a second time the following day, neighbour Mr Mendes fails to recognise him or to acknowledge that the Connor family have ever resided there. Memories and the world that Liam has inhabited are fast being erased, leaving him to rely on wile and wit to survive and discover the truth both of his origins and his time at the sinister NATS school.

A �flesh� of fact must cover bones of horror if fear is to be instilled into readers and this is where Nick Gifford excels with his work. Though he writes of extreme situations there is plausibility� Search through the annals of history and the blight of eugenics and the power that megalomaniacs who wield it as their ideological club are inked upon the pages of history books in human blood. Erased is a real romp of a read. That it equips readers with an awareness of the mechanics of inhumanity must be a step towards ensuring history�s mistakes are not repeated.

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