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Dominic Barker
Feb 2006
Irresistibly irreverent, �Blart� is one of those all-too-rare, laugh-out-loud books. A hapless sort of a chap, Blart, our eponymous protagonist and unlikely hero is a pig farmer by trade and all things porcine certainly form the basis for his comfort-zone. Together with the cantankerous wizard, Capablanca, blowhard warrior, Beowulf and petulant Princess Lois, Blart unwillingly becomes a part of the motley crew who aim to do battle against evil over-lord Zoltab and the minions and Ministers who seek his return.

Wreaking havoc at every point of their voyage and leaving in their wake a trail of, for the most part accidental, death and destruction � quarterised pet dragons and a couple of very flat dwarves - one would be forgiven for imagining the future of the world not to beentirely within safe hands.

Despite the varied and various misfortunes that befall our heroes, through a series of coincidences things amazingly fall together towards the end of this misadventure in a way that has to be read to be believed. Whether in the Cavernous Library of Ping, or the Even More Cavernous Library of Zing, Blart is the most unlikely hero you�re likely to read about any time soon � essential reading for anyone with fantasy leanings and a sense of humour!

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