Nickolai Of The North

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Nickolai Of The North by Lucy Daniel Raby
Hodder Children�s Books
Oct 2005
A refreshingly different take on how the myth of Father Christmas came to be. When Nickolai was just a baby, the wicked Queen Magda killed his mother and the rest of his elfin people. Taken in and raised by humans, Nickolai is teased at school for his abnormally large ears.

When everyone from his settlement starts to leave for the beautiful city of Doransk, Nickolai says goodbye to his human parents and follows. Little does he know that he, and everyone else, are walking into a trap. He soon discovers that he�s the only one who can resist the evil Magda�s plan to steal children�s youth to keep herself young and beautiful; and he is the only one who can stop her.

A nice festive treat for tens and above. The book's major flaw is that it will obviously lose some of its magic at any other time of the year.

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