Zip's Apollo

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Philip Ridley
Oct 2005

Is the landscape of fairytales crumbling? Does its populace of familiar, universal figureheads - Kings, Queens, youngest sons - lose emotional impetus in modern urban environments? Should either statement contain even a vestige of truth, remedy can doubtless be sought in the modern urban fairytales of Philip Ridley...

"Zip's Apollo" gives near kaleidoscopic vision of an urban environment and its emblems - houses, streets, supermarkets and most importantly for this novel... trolleys! As with Ridley's last book, "Mighty Fizz Chilla", this new novel marks a departure from his earlier work by juxtaposing the urban with the rural and the protagonist's present with his past.

Zip Jingle has grown up in the forest with his family. His recent move with his mum and little brother to Yet To Be Named Street in New Town, where even the trees and grass are plastic where everything is uniform and seemingly sterile, comes as a real culture-shock. The thrill and tingle of life seems gone from the lives of the Jingles until Zip and his baby-brother Newt bring home a shopping trolley from the supermarket. When the two boys name the trolley Apollo it begins to communicate with them through thoughts, feelings and speech, helping the Jingle family to learn to see the magic in life once more and gradually come to terms with a change and a loss that has affected them all.

An impressive tale encompassing love, loss, change, safety, care, protection and a coming to terms with one's past. "Zip's Apollo" contains one of the most beautiful, heartening and life-affirming speeches to be found in children's literature. A must read!

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