Why would I hand over my work to ACHUKA for digital publication rather than seek out a regular publishing deal?

  • Because there are many types of book that regular publishers simply find too difficult to place on their lists
  • This includes first novels, very short fiction, books out of kilter with current trends, books by authors who do not have a sufficiently marketable cv, books that do not have an easily definable audience, books that individual commissioning editors may be keen on but do not get past the sales-oriented final-decision meeting
  • As a digital-only publisher ACHUKAbooks is free to be more adventurous and speculative compared with regular publishing houses, who understandably have to consider matters very carefully before making an author an offer
  • Forget the worry that publishing digitally will mean that there will be no chance of a future print edition of the book with a regular publishing house
  • Several new authors have eventually moved on to regular publishing deals following success in the digital media, and we will be very happy to see that happen to titles first published under the ACHUKAbooks imprint

Who will decide pricing levels and promotions?

  • We will, just as in the conventional publishing scenario

How does pricing affect royalties?

  • Very straightforwardly
  • If your title is priced $2.99 or above you will earn 50% royalties
  • If your title is priced below $2.99 your royalties will be 25%
  • If you were to self-publish on Kindle independently, those figures would be 70% and 35% respectively.
  • In other words, for all the work that ACHUKA will do in preparing, publishing, promoting and tracking your title we will retain 20% of the higher priced sales and 10% of the lower
  • We feel this is a fair and simple model to start up with, and not dissimilar to the fees an agent takes from an author's earnings in traditional print publishing
  • During the first 12 months of an agreement these terms will be non-negotiable

With reference to these proposed royalty levels, why would I not decide to publish directly to Kindle myself?

  • Editing - every book needs good editing and copy-editing before being made public
  • To get a book independently edited before self-publishing is likely to cost an author several hundred pounds/dollars
  • For the web-savvy author who already has a good online profile via a blog or Twitter, this is certainly a viable option
  • However, although Kindle Direct has been designed to be fairly simple to use, the process would take some authors to the limits of their comfort zone
  • But by far the most compelling reason for not publishing directly to Kindle as an independent author is to avoid the drop-in-an-ocean effect
  • The Kindle Direct program has made ePublishing accessible to all, so there are an enormous number of Kindle books out there
  • How will your title stand out from the crowd?
  • This is where the traditional publishing dynamic (of a publishing house carefully curating, nurturing and promoting its 'list') still has its place

Why would an already established author consider using the ACHUKA/Kindle publishing platform?

  • They may well have a short piece of work that is special to them but has never found its 'place' with any of their print publishers
  • They may wish to put a teaser out into the ether for a potential or forthcoming print publication
  • They may have a title that has gone out of print and feel there could still be an audience for it
  • They may want to write in a genre that is very different from their print list
  • They may wish to publish incognito, under an ePublishing nom-de-plume

Please summarise the benefits of using the ACHUKA/Kindle platform

  • We select only high-quality material, thereby minimising the risk of your work being lost amongst the many thousands of digital titles, most of which do not compare with the carefully selected and prepared lists of print publishers
  • We promote your title via the ACHUKA website, via Twitter, Facebook and other online media, as well as on the Kindle site itself (you can help out by doing your own promotion, or leave it all to us)
  • We handle the backend of ePublishing, you just deliver us the words
  • You will enter a set-term non-negotiable agreement of 12 months, at the end of which time you will have two options
    1. renew the agreement on negotiable terms
    2. end the agreement, and we will withdraw your title from the Kindle listing; you will retain full copyright in the material and will be free to republish the work
  • You will receive half-yearly statements of sales and earned royalties (paid to you in line with Amazon's own payment schedule - see separate question, about payment)
  • You will have direct phone and email contact with your editor and publisher

What is your payment schedule?

  • Your royalties will accrue separately for each Amazon marketplace and the balance of each account will be paid to us sixty days after the end of a month in which the balance accrued is at least $10 for Electronic funds transfer
  • Our preferred means of payment to you the author will be by electronic transfer, but we can also arrange payment by cheque
  • This means that the royalites will first be transferred to ACHUKA and then passed on to you in a totally transparent fashion

ACHUKA is mainly a children's books site; does this mean you will only be selecting children's books?

  • Definitely not
  • We already publish books aimed at an adult readerhsip, a good example being Watching Horsepats Feed The Roses by Caroline England, a collection of short stories
  • For our digital publishing list we are looking for any original writing which stands out by virtue of its style and content
  • We are happy to accept submissions of
    ~fiction for all ages, including short stories (especially suited to the digital medium)

Does ACHUKA have any plans to become a print publisher?

  • Not for the moment

Can you confirm that there is no upfront charge for manuscript reading and editing, and outline the submission-to-acceptance process?

  • Correct - there is no upfront charge for submitting your ebook
  • You will initially submit a short sample of your ebook, which we will assess promptly
  • If we ask to see the full-length book, this will only be a sign that the sample was considered worthy of further exploration
  • If we feel your title is right for ACHUKA's digital listing, we will contact you and ask you to confirm acceptance of terms
  • We will then rigorously edit and copy-edit your title
  • Once amendments and corrections have been made to our mutual satisfaction we will then format and prepare the title for Kindle publication, a process which is fairly swift
  • In some cases the submission-acceptance-publication process will happen very quickly and in other cases it may take a little time - all will depend on how much editorial work we feel is needed to prepare the book for the ACHUKAbooks imprint
  • Throughout the process we would wish to bring the same standards of higher-end print publishing to the digital domain

To be perfectly clear - my book will be published digitally on the Kindle Direct program, where it will be exclusively available in digital format only, and ACHUKA's role will be to select, edit, prepare, promote, track and distribute royalties. Is that right?

  • That's exactly the case; yes

Will my book require an ISBN?

  • No, not while it is listed exclusively in KDP

Who will be responsible for the title page design?

  • ACHUKA (each ACHUKA title will be easily identified as an ACHUKAbook with a coverpage logo)

Doesn't publishing on Kindle restrict the audience for my book to people who have Kindle devices?

  • Not at all - there are Kindle apps for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhones and Android smartphones & tablets etc. - so your book will certainly not be restricted to Kindle users

I have a question that hasn't been answered

We look forward to receiving submissions.

Initial submissions should be limited to the following

  1. A working title
  2. Author's name
  3. The genre
  4. The target readership
  5. A brief outline
  6. Five sample pages