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MSNBC - �Today Book Club� selection: 'Be More Chill'

Young author Ned Vizzini has received a hugely influential endorsement on the US 'Today Book Club' when Judy Blume, hot from the National Book Awards, chose Be More Chill as the show's Book Club selection.

The web link contains a video link to the chat section of the show in which both Blume and Vizzini talk about the book.


See this blog entry for squip links....

Opportunity to acquire a very early edition of Be More Chill - bid on this auction of a FINE UK proof copy:
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The Alien Online - Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror News, Reviews, Articles and more...

The ever-popular Clive Barker is back in US best-seller list with both the first and second volumes of his new series Abarat. Aimed at the Young Adult market, Abarat is the story of Candy Quakenbush who is swept from her home in Chickentown (by the Izabella sea) to the fantasy world of the Abarat archipelago, where each island represents a different hour of the day. In this second volume, Days of Magic: Nights of War, Candy and her friend Malingo are still being pursued by the Criss-Cross Man, a servant of the evil Christopher Carrion, Lord of Midnight.

Deb Caletti Interview

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A moment with ... Deb Caletti, writer

This is dream week for Deb Caletti, a 41-year-old Issaquah writer who is one of five finalists for the National Book Award in young adult fiction for her second novel, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart (Simon & Schuster, 308 pages, $15.95). Caletti will be in New York City for the gala awards ceremony on Wednesday evening.

Lite Gothic

Comment 0 Comments - 'Spiderwick' wraps the scary in a 'cozy' package

An article about the Spiderwick series, with a quote from Roger Sutton, Horn Book editor...

Scieszka Talks

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A report - with quotes - on some talks given by Jon Scieszka last Friday to students at Culver Academies.

No Sequel

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Centre Daily Times | 11/07/2004 | Always the outsider

S. E. Hinton on why there will be no sequel to The Outsiders:

"If I tried to write it now, when I'm a much better writer, I'd ruin it," she says. "They think I'm being mean when I say, 'No, I won't write a sequel.' But I need to change that to, 'No, I can't write a sequel.' "

Miss Spider

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Author David Kirk building empire with friendly spider

Author David Kirk is the creator of the popular Miss Spider series of children's books, which have sold close to 5 (m) million copies since 1994. Now, Kirk's creation is reaching an even wider audience as a daily show on Nick Junior and C-B-S -- "Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends."

Presidential Puppy

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The president is giving first lady Laura Bush a puppy for her birthday. The Scottish terrier pup is related to Barney, the current first pooch, and will be named Miss Beazley after a dinosaur in the children's book The Enormous Egg.

Holes Sequel

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extracted from the Bloomsbury Press Release:

Bloomsbury Children?s Books has acquired hardcover and paperback publication rights to a new novel by Louis Sachar entitled, SMALL STEPS: a sequel to Holes.

Sarah Odedina says, ?It is a vibrant, exciting and richly plotted book that is immensely pleasurable to read. This compelling book will appeal not only to Louis?s many fans, but all those lucky enough to still discover him as an author.?

In SMALL STEPS... readers will be reunited with Armpit and X-Ray Stanley Yelnats?s pals from Camp Green Lake, Armpit and X-Ray from Camp Green Lake. It?s three years later, and Armpit is taking small steps to turn his life around. Joined by old friends and a cast of vibrant new characters, Armpit discovers what it takes to stay on course and learns that doing the right thing is never the wrong choice.

Handler Profile

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Mr. Snicket's Handler: The sly children's book author never shows up in public - or does he? - The Register-Guard, Eugene, Oregon, USA

``The reason I don't see much difference between writing for children and writing for adults is I don't see much difference in general between children and adults,'' he says.

Daniel Handler, quoted in this profile...

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