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As a small independent, digital-only publisher it can be ridiculously hard to make the public at large aware of a new title.

The latest instance of this is my announcement of Caroline England's new novel A SLIGHT DIVERSION, published by ACHUKAbooks today, on the Goodreads Kindle New Releases forum.

It has been removed from the listing and placed in the 'Sin Bin', presumably simply because it does not comply with #5 of the 7 posting "rules" - namely, "5. Please do not add eBooks that are not written by you."

I have found myself similarly at loggerheads (and on the receiving end of uncalled for abuse) with the rules of Amazon's discussion boards.

I don't see what these rules achieve. If the purpose of a New Releases section of the Amazon Kindle forum is, as I believe it should be, simply to bring newly released Kindle titles to people's attention, what does it matter if the notice is posted by the author or the publisher, so long as all the other rules (e.g. only listing books that are indeed newly-published) are complied with.

Please discuss!

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