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James Roy, On The Writing of his Latest Book, City

A guest blog post on WestWords:

Cities are different from towns - we know this. They're bigger, for a start. Much, much bigger, both geographically and in terms of population. By virtue of that, they generally cover a much more diverse range of characters. Of course many of those characters are connected, but it's the way they're connected that really caught my attention: it's often in anonymous ways, such as through found objects, chance meetings or random acquaintances. It fascinates me that in small communities we think we know everything there is to know about pretty much everyone (even if we actually don't) while those of us who live in cities will think nothing of driving for an hour across town to have coffee with a friend, yet we don't know that name of the lady who's lived across the hall from us for years. If the story about taking the cricket catch by accident was the first seed-point for Town, this book started with a couple. One was Veronica, or Ronnie, from Town, who was the much-maligned 'scarlet woman' at the high school. It was Ronnie who found herself stranded up in a dark bush clearing with a bunch of drunk and sex-crazed guys, and had to do some rapid diplomacy to make a terrible situation a little less bad. Perhaps more than any other, The Clearing was the story that people most liked to talk about when we discussed the book. But as is usually the case with the short form, the character's story continues on after the last full-stop...

Roy's earlier book, Town:

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