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Children's Books - The Most Complained About

A survey of libraries has revealed how dozens of children's books have provoked complaints from angry parents - accusing them of, among other things, racism, blasphemy, glorifying violence and poking fun at fat people.
The offending books include works by celebrated children's authors, among them Roald Dahl, who is attacked for his use of coarse language in the books Revolting Rhymes and Even More Revolting Rhymes.
Even classics such as Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and The Nutcracker are not immune from criticism, in their case for being too scary and sinister.


The children's author who has attracted most criticism is David McKee, the creator of characters including Mr Ben, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant and King Rollo.
Criticism centred on three books Tusk Tusk, about a dispute between black and grey elephants, which parents said was racist; Denver, which is accused of supporting wealth inequality, because the title character is far richer than the others; and Two Monsters, which features two bickering characters.
Readers objected to the aggressive language of their insults, which include "stupid peabrain", "twit", "dumbo" and "ignoramus".

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