A Year Without Autumn

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This has picked up lots of favourable reviews since the hardback appeared earlier in the year.

Here is what Amazon reviewer, Girl Friday, said about it:

What I loved about A Year Without Autumn was how it manages to wrap up so many ideas and threads into one short novel: How the smallest things can change our lives forever; how tragedies can erode not just the lives of those directly affected, but send damaging ripples out to those nearby; how we can become brave by necessity; how it's never too late for second chances; how important friendship is.

From the moment twelve-year-old Jenni is flung forward in time, you'll find it impossible to put down - what begins as a beguiling tale of two, quite different, girls' friendship turns into a page-turning thriller and you'll be racing alongside Jenni as she tries to understand all the changes that have happened in one short year and figure out a way to make things better. And what's so well done is that you'll really care - all the characters are incredibly three-dimensional, both adult and child, and there's also a great subplot which picks up the theme of how one small decision can alter a life forever.

I particularly enjoyed how circumstances force the timid Jenni - who is happy to bask in the reflected light of her extrovert best friend Autumn - to take charge and come out of her shell. The book is also structured very cleverly, which adds to the suspense, and although there is a lightness of touch throughout, there are several serious themes touched on that will give readers much food for thought.

Kindle edition:

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