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Guardian Review - Fiction for Teenagers

As you would expect from Geraldine Brennan, who was for many years children's books editor at the TES, this is an excellent selection/review. As someone who has also worked as a sub, she will not be impressed if the following error makes its way into the print edition: "Clem and Frankie in Life: An Unexploded Diagram by Mal Peet (Walker £7.99)..."

I was a little taken aback to find this on a weekday at first, wondering if it heralded a shift in The Guardian/Observer's approach to book reviewing.

But clicking on article history revealed that this is an online preview of the piece that will be printed in this coming Sunday's Observer.

"This article was published on at 11.40 BST on Thursday 21 July 2011. A version appeared on p41 of the The New Review section of the Observer on Sunday 24 July 2011. It was last modified at 14.42 BST on Thursday 21 July 2011."

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