Deakin Newsletter September-October 2010

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Deakin Newsletter Sep/Oct 2010

with "A Personal Note on Puffin by Andrea"

I have the fondest memories of those first Puffins. I was seven when they were first published and remember them vividly. Of course the family, like many many others, had a copy of Aircraft Recognition (a Penguin), but we also had the War in the Air series. Suddenly my "book money" went a great deal further. Our father gave us, every payday, not only our pocket money, but also a trip to a bookshop in St. Vincent's Street in Glasgow where he would pay for our choice of book, or books, up to a certain sum- thank you Puffin.

Looking through the excellent Puffin by Design, published to celebrate those 70 years, I found well-loved cover by well-loved cover. There was a book on armour, Hodge's Columbus Sails, Roger Lancelyn Green's King Arthur, Lucy Fitch Perkins' The Cave Twins, Patricia Lynch, Worzel Gummidge, Clarke Hutton.

There were titles that I remember adding to the small class collection of tales to share with my students. Puffin has and had made an enormous contribution not only to the pleasure of children, but also their literacy. Many a family could now buy a book for a child when they could never have afforded it before, and there is nothing, as a wise elderly Professor of English Education told us, nothing as valuable to a young reader as being able to reach down from a shelf their very own copy of a well-loved book.

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