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The Death Defying Pepper Roux by Geraldine McCaughrean

The publisher's blurb compares Pepper Roux to the movie Amélie, largely because they're both set in France. This is like comparing the siege of Stalingrad to the Eurovision song contest because they both involve Russians and Germans. Pepper Roux is much funnier, much more stylish and much more profound. If you want to compare it to something else you could try Borges or García Márquez. FRANK COTTRELL BOYCE

FBC says something else very perceptive about McCaughrean: "McCaughrean has had a brilliant career. She has won the Whitbread three times, and the Carnegie. She was chosen to write the official sequel to Peter Pan. If she doesn't have the high profile you'd expect, that may be because she doesn't repeat herself, and so has not become a brand. Like Pepper she takes on a different identity for each book."

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