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Classics Illustrated

I was recently sent a batch of Classics Illustrated review copies by the Classic Comic Store and told that, since their relaunch last autumn they are "being well received both by former collectors and new, younger readers, teachers, students and parents."

The quality of the comic strip artwork varies quite a bit, as you would expect from a series that published from 1941 to 1971.

Slightly confusingly - as I discovered from the somewhat rudimentary website - the relaunched titles have been renumbered and so no longer tally with the originals. I imagine collectors of the originals are happy about this :)

For example, Robin Hood, No.3 in the new editions, was originally No.7.

What cannot be denied is that at £2.99 each they represent amazingly good value.

The two examples I was sent from Classics Illustrated Juniors are cheaper at £2.50, but it shows. They are printed on matt rather than glossy paper, with the result that the colours appear wishywashy.

The two that stand out are The War of the Worlds and Les Miserables.

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