Just found the Chicklish site - it was new to me...

And here's the site's home page :)


Thank you for mentioning our main page! Your other link is to the 'about' page for one of our reviewers, and it's not about the site in general.

I can recommend some US blogs if you like? Here are a couple of my favourites:

Reading Rants
Teen Reads

Thanks for this link! They were new to me, too. (Mind you, I only just discovered this blog, as well. It's odd that there are so few links between the US and UK children's lit blogging communities.)

Hello, and thanks very much for the mention. I've been subscribing to Achockablog for years and always follow your posts with interest.

By the way, would it be OK to direct people to our main page instead of the link you've currently posted?

Thank you very much!

editor, Chicklish

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