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Peter Pan�s sequel doesn�t quite get to fly - Books - Times Online

Amanda Craig finds much to admire in Geraldine McCaughrean's Peter Pan In Scarlet -
"begins superbly, picking up on the end of the original with Wendy now a mother and the Lost Boys turned into Old Boys..."
"The story rattles along at breakneck speed, with so much in every chapter that there isn�t time for a child of 8 or more to get bored..."
"has captured both the exquisitely silly Edwardian flavour of Barrie�s language and even improved on his narrative style with descriptive touches such as rain coming down 'in exclamation marks'..."


W. H. Auden pointed out how odd all great children�s authors are, and this is certainly true of Barrie, who suffered from psychogenetic dwarfism. Perhaps one of the reasons why McCaughrean�s admirably inventive but ultimately doomed novel doesn�t in the end work is that she is too sane and too knowing.

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