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The blank page is still terror, 50 years on - Books - Times Online

Alan Garner, writing in The Times and recalling starting work on his first novel, The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen, 50 years ago:

Much has changed in those 50-years-to-now; but one thing has not. The more critically successful a writer becomes, the more need there is for a strong editor. To think otherwise risks artistic suicide. A trusted editor, dedicated to the text and sensitive to its author, is the making of a writer and is the great teacher. On the high trapeze, the Flyer may be the one who draws the applause from the crowd, but it�s the editorial Catcher who times the flight. I have been fortunate in my editors. The readers� reports for the three novels that followed my second all recommended rejection on the same grounds each time: that the new book was different from the previous one. And each time the editor had faith, and published.

Very Highly Recommended

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