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Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/11/2006 | With 'Small Steps,' author stumbles

An online review of Louis Sachar's Small Steps

the book crashes headfirst into ABC Afterschool Special territory

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Okay, this review doesn't strike me as quite fair. All right, Small Steps isn't as manically original as Holes, but it is reasonably funny and competently written. The "Goosey" line is an example of Armpit attempting to make a joke and it doesn't come off - so no, it's not supposed to be funny. And, excuse me, under what conditions is a book allowed to have a character with cerebral palsy in it in order to meet this guy's approval? Ginny is a nice little kid who happens to have cerebral palsy - a disorder which serves a plot function and which does not define her. Except, apparently, to a certain kind of reader.

And I quite liked Kaira DeLeon and wouldn't mind hearing her songs. It's not her fault she's a teen idol. She's a kid, not in control of her life, who wants to make better music but doesn't know how. In her own (much more comfortable) way, she's as trapped by the expectations of others as the boys at Camp Green Lake. (Just as long as she doesn't pretend to write a children's book...)

Even filker Tom Smith has some compassion for the breed in his savage attack on them "And they say I've got talent:"
(Try not to think about the
Truer, deeper, better singer-
Songwriters you've never heard of
Working hard and starving while I
Tour the country, do the talk shows,
Sell the albums, get on M.T.
V., I only hope that someday
Someone hears the songs I wrote for me....)

(For the whole, both mean and funny, song, see

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