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Brandon Robshaw's review of teenage fiction in The Independent...

Carl Hiaasen's Flush "there's a repetiveness about the narration, a stressing of points that the reader already knows, which becomes irritating after a while"

Andy McNab's Payback "The style seldom rises above the competent, but it doesn't need to for this genre of book - it works entirely on gripping plot and authenticity."

Melvin Burgess's Bloodsong "It's a dirty, messy, sticky read. "

David Almond's Clay " weird, haunting novel for teenagers, the kind of novel Graham Greene might have produced if he'd written for this age-group."

Helen Dunmore's Ingo "all wildly implausible, but so gracefully written that one suspends disbelief not just willingly but eagerly."

Adele Geras's Ithaka "I found something to irritate me on every page."

and Geraldine McCaughrean's The White Darkness "This is a literary novel of superb technique, and has more real excitement than any amount of shoot-'em-up action stories. The White Darkness is as good as it gets. "

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