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Time to celebrate - the reviews are back in town. ACHUKA's brand new section is a review blog. When the site was redesigned just over a year ago, we lost the individual title review space, and it's been too long returning. I've been immensely heartened by the number of people who were keen to join the ACHUKA reviewing team. We've got a great mix of new and more experienced voices.

Read what Dina Rabinovitch thinks of Jan Pienkowski's The Fairy Tales; discover what recent title contains, according to Jake Hope, "one of the most beautiful, heartening and life-affirming speeches to be found in children's literature"; and see which titles have been the first to receive the ultimate ACHUKA accolade - a 5-chick rating.

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Great to see such intelligent, in-depth analysis - more review space for children's books is always welcome - and the reviews here complement the reviews (written for an audience of young readers) on the Readingzone site. Different functions/target groups means space for both sites.

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