First New Worst Witch In Ten Years

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There is a poignant note from Jill Murphy accompanying proof copies of the new Worst Witch title, publishing in October

The Worst Witch Saves The Day

While I was working on the illustrations for the new book, my gorgeous Tyger (a clone of Tabby) went missing for three months. It was really sad drawing some of the pictures - especially page 105 and the last one of all, showing Mildrend and Tabby happily asleep - just like me with my own darling Tyger, if only he wasn't lost forever. Amazingly, while I was finishing this picture, I wnet out searching for him after a tip-off and found him lost and starving on a farm a mile away. What a reunion! I don't know who mad emore noise - him miaowing and purring or me crying. JILL MURPHY

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