Chiming With Children's Needs

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Another profile of the current Children's Laureate, Jacqueline Wilson, appeared in The Times at the weekend:

She is delighted if her books are a manual to children in stressful situations � from the �my best friend doesn�t like me any more� end of the spectrum to real, call-in-the-social-worker trauma, but it was never, she stresses, her intention: �Since I was tiny, I made up imaginary people in my head, and as soon as I could write I wrote them down. So the books express me and what I wanted to say. But if it does occasionally chime with children�s needs, that�s a huge bonus. I don�t set out to write in a didactic way, but because my books tend to be issue-led, people sometimes think I sit down and think, �Right, let�s write a book about how to help a child through divorce�, whereas it starts with the character. I simply try to see things from the child character�s point of view.�

A stage adaptation of Midnight runs at the Peacock Theatre, London from AUg 10 - 27

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