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The Independent on Sunday ran a 'children's books special' yesterday which included:

a teen reviewer, Edward Malnick, reviewing teen fiction, and fining Kevin Brooks' Candy 'scarily convincing', Get Real by Mimi Thebo patronising and Riding Tycho by Jan Mark requiring 'strong concnetration'

Felix Reade reviewing fantasy and finding The Opal Deception lacking 'the imagination and originality of the previous Artemis Fowl books',Kate Thompson's The New Policeman 'beautifully original', K. M. Peyton's Greater Gains a 'fantastic read', while Angie Sage's Septimus Heap - Magyck did not impress - " I would not recommend this book to many, but for six- to nine-year olds (who do not recognise and therefore do not instantly dislike the clich�s), it could be interesting."

Suzie Feay reviewing Tersias by G. P. Taylor and finding him excelling at metaphysical terror despite various lapses in style - "He is superb at creating atmosphere, so he can be forgiven his occasional adjectival and adverbial excesses and the odd gothic clich�. What can't so easily be forgiven, in his editor at least, is a clumsy mix-up of sliver and slither: "searching within for the strength to smash it to the ground and crush every slither of timber to the dust". It's maddening to see such an error in a book aimed at children."

Boyd Tonkin selecting 'Ten Best Books For Under-5's' and making This Little Baby by Sandra Lousada his No.1 choice

and Amanda Craig reviewing audiobooks fro children

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