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Sophie Masson discusses new media and its role in delivering news and opinions to the public. - On Line Opinion - 4/4/2005

Sophie Masson writes, in a perceptive piece about blogging:

At its best, blogging, for the writer, can be a terrific experience, enabling you to have genuine discussions with readers, and engage in the kind of thoughtful and illuminating speculation that can often inspire new ideas and new trains of thought in you. However, that is the ideal situation, and it�s rare, and precious. All too often, what the comments box turns into is a kind of dialogue of the deaf, with the original post hopelessly lost in a welter of tangents, parti pris positions, shouting matches, and a certain amount of intellectual bullying which I have found quite intimidating at times. It�s not that I�m a stranger to unpleasant missives - if you write publicly anywhere, you�ve got to expect negative as well as positive feedback - but I think that the medium itself has an atmosphere which makes people confrontational.

Those interested in children's books seem far too polite to become confrontational, judging by the empty comment boxes on this the busiest section of the ACHUKA website.

Any of you interested in blogging generally should find this final entry in a personal blog of interest - and perhaps even worthy of comment ;-)

Also, some of you may have noticed the flickr link in the right-hand panel of ACHOCKABLOG. I have begun archiving both personal and ACHUKA shots on flickr and in the course of discovering some fantastic photographs and photographic talent amongst other flickr users, I also came across this blog, which I shall duly add to the ACHOCKABLOGGER listings. I can also recommend the various street graffiti sets that Patrick Barry Barr has uploaded to flickr

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Hi Michael,

I don't often get comments on my blog either. I did get a few regarding my comments on the recently announced CBCA shortlists (which I note you haven't blogged yet!). I need to be more opinionated, I think, rather than just announcing things...

Still, I do drop by here quite a lot and almost never comment--and people tell me in the most unusual places that they read my blog, so you never know!



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