Earthsea Miniseries

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FilmForce: Countdown to Earthsea

A four-hour series ? a long feature film, essentially ? will air on the US Sci Fi Channel in two parts on the 13th and 14th of December:

With Earthsea, Le Guin hoped to put both political and magical issues in a serious light, as compared to lighter works like the Harry Potter books. "[The wizards in Harry Potter] ? use their wizardry just against each other. It's a competitive sport, whereas my Earthsea books are really kind of a study of power. What's good about having unlimited power, what's bad about it, what's the responsibility, what does it do to you as a person to have power.

"I think in my Earthsea books, the wizards are testing themselves in a kind of real world, where it's not full of Muggles, it's full of real people with problems. That's a big difference. It's partly the difference between a child's book and a young adult book."

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