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ACHUKA was subjected to its third hack in as many weeks last night. Key files were removed from the server and replaced with others carrying a cryptic(?) message in Russian(?):

Каучуковые чукакабры захватили мир!!! :)

[Linguists, please translate]

I'm advised that the script which powers the ACHUKA calendar is the most vulnerable part of the site's architecture, and that script has therefore been temporarily disabled. All other parts of the site should be A - OK; if not, please report.
I was intending to rethink the EVENTS Calendar listing this summer anyway, as it has not developed into the resource that I hoped it would provide, with only a small number of users actively entering event details. I have even had publishers objecting to publication of party/event details, on the basis that it puts them in an embarrassing position with people who do not receive invitations. There's little point in maintaining a section of the site which is not seen as useful and, moreoever, considered by a few to be a positive nuisance.

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Ahem! Rather rude for any Spanish readers...

Very many thanks, Oleg, for the translaton!

Yes, this is really a Russian phrase that sounds something like "kauchukovye chukakabry zakhvatily mir". It means "caoutchouc chukakabras have captured the world". The word "Chukakabra" I guess derives from "achuka" and "chupakabra" ? mysterious monstre allegedly living in South America.

I am very sorry for my unknown compatriots who failed to find a better use for their computer skills.


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