Jason & Kyra

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Best teacher to best-seller

Jason & Kyra by Dana Davidson
Piece about a US teacher's first novel:

In the fall of 2002 [Dana Davidson] signed a contract with Hyperion Books for Children. It published "Jason & Kyra" on its Jump at the Sun imprint -- a label aimed especially at young African-American readers. The imprint, begun in 1998, takes its name from the legendary Harlem Renaissance writer Zora Neale Hurston, whose mother encouraged her children to aim high -- "to jump at de sun." "It's just such an engaging romance, and you have two characters who are very likable," says Alessandra Balzer, executive editor of Hyperion. "It's very believable. It's hard to find a story with so much heart. Besides the romance, you really care about these two characters." Hyperion has expressed its faith in the book with several major promotions, placing prominent ads in the June issues of two popular teen magazines, YM and Teen Vogue, and including advance copies of the book in a gift bag for 600 teens who attended a New York City party given by MTV and YM magazine in March.

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Jason and Kyra is a very fast-paced read. It's certainly "direct," and it does present a view of high school that challenges stereotypes. But is directness such a good thing? What I found a bit discomforting was the use of slang; since I never came across some of the terms there (for example "tight," in the way Jason uses it), I don't know how authentic it is. The best word to describe it: sweet.

Jason and Kyra is one of the best books I've ever read. I enjoyed it. I can't wait for Dana Davidson's next TEEN book.

My comments on this book are short and direct.....A MUST READ

Dana Davidson is a wonderful writer. I must have read Jason & Kyra 10 times already. From my 13 years of life, and in all my hundreds of books that I have read, this was my all time favorite. She puts everything in perspective. I will most definitely read more of her books when she writes more!!

i loved this book so much! dana davidson has such a direct, clear way of writing that reading this book was like watching a movie... and reading about kyra was like reading about myself...i hope i can find my jason one day!

I really loved Jason and Kyra! It was a good book, and it captured every aspect of teenaged dating perfectly!

Jason & Kyra is the best book I 've ever read!!!

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