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In Dinah Hall's latest roundup of children's books for The Sunday Telegraph she reviews fifteen titles, ranging from picture books for the young through to teenage fiction. She will have read many times more than this before making her final selection. The fact that reviewers of children's books are called upon to review multiple titles in this way is both limiting (each book can only be given a paragraph or less) and empowering (the reviewer is left to make the final decision of what is included in the review).
In preparing this particular roundup, Hall disliked one title so much, she has been moved to issue a warning: "Pulling Princes by Tyne O'Connell is a repellent piece of fiction, albeit mildly amusing in parts, about an American girl at an elite boarding school learning to fit in with Sloaney It-girls." The title is seen as indicative of "the teen equivalent of chick-lit - a sort of toxic version of Angela Brazil." However, Hall is impressed by Gossip Girl, "a far superior example of the genre" and "cleverly done".
I am rather ashamed to say that I have not yet read Aleutian Sparrow by Karen Hesse, and will do so now, based on Hall's enthausiasm - "a small miracle of a book that makes most novels look like a waste of words."

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