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"Benjamin Zephaniah: Too black, too strong - and still too radical for many..."

This profile of the poet appeared in The Indpendent at the weekend.

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i am doing a dissertation on 'black art' at sheffield hallam university. i would appreciate Benjamin Zephaniah's comments. can anyone tell me where i can get a copy of 'the great picture chase'?

How can I contact Benjamin Z by email??

I'd be most greatful if i coul get a means of contacting Benjamin Zephaniah. I'm organising Black history Month at my university and would like to put a propasal by him. thanks.

Dr Benjamin Obadiah Iqbal Zephaniah
Please phone sky in Australia

I suggest you write to him c/o Bloomsbury Children's Books, or try to contact him via his favourite bookshop in Newham - the Neham Bookshop, LONDON E13 9ER


i would like to know how to contact Benjamin. the Nottingham Students Peace Movement is holding a Peace Conference at the University of Nottingham and we would like to invite him to be part of the panel....
resepct and thanx


I'm a journalist launching a magazine in August.
how can I get in touch with BZ. any help would be richly rewarded.


Hi, on Benjamin Zephaniahs website he has a space for people to publish poems they send to him, but it does not say where to send them to! several people seem to be having this problem. if you know where I should send my poetry to him, please email me, Thanks, J

i'm a pupil from germany. in october me and my class will spend a week in london.
could you give me the e-mail adress of benjamin zephaniah, because he is subject in our lessons and we would like to meet him in london if that is possible.
please send me an e-mail....

I would really like to send something to Benjamin but can't find a contact address. Maybe I should send via a publisher but which one?

I would really like to send something to Benjamin but can't find a contact address. Maybe I should send via a publisher but which one?

Benjimin has an office next to barclays bank on barking road, upton park e13 if that helps!

I am desperate to get hold of contact details for Benjamin Zephaniah or his agent. I would like him to speak at a seminar being organised by Afro-Caribbean young people in Ipswich. Any help would be much appreciated!

Have you a contact for Benjamin Zephaniah or his agent, as I am producing a radio programme for a community station in Newham, and would like to book him as a guest.

Thanks Ben.

i need to get a contact e mail address for benjamin zephaniah because i have a book which he might be interested in taking a look at

We would love for Benjamin Zephaniah to visit our school for the day next time he is in Birmingham. How do we go about booking a visit? We are at Aldersley High School Codsall Wolverhampton. Wv8 1RT.
Val Vassell (Librarian)

Would like to get in contact with Benjamin to invite him into our scholl the next time he visits his mum in Brum.
ThanX Jeanette

Please send e-mail address for Ben Zephaniah

Can you send e-mail address of Ben Zephaniah, please

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