SphyHigh Series


SpyHigh Episode 1: The Frankenstein Factory by A.J. Butcher

Series titles are not often reviewed in the print press, so the author of SpyHigh will be pleased to discover an online recommendation for the the first two title in the series:

"There are hints of romance, lots of gadgetry to keep the boys interested and a nicely paced plot. With potentially intriguing character traits in the characters that promise some revealing moments in later novels the book sets up the series well."

The most recent title is #4, The Paranoia Plot


lol. Spy High is a great book! It has traces of many different genres in it, and is extremely entertaining. AJ Butcher has predicted what will be around in the future very well in my opinion, because who knows what kind of technology will be created in the next 60 years? Another great thing about the Spy High series is that the characters may be futuristic spies in training, but they're still believable and likeable. The books are great for either boys or girls and are suitable for a very wide age group. I definitely recommend this book to ANYONE who like SciFi/SpyFi novels. (lol, Alan! fancy seeing a comment from u on here! tis me, snow!)

I have a Spy High Fan Site (SpyIt). It is @ www.spyhigh.harrysscrapbook.co.uk! I hope you like it...

SpyIt... The Unofficial Spy High (A.J. Butcher) Fan Site, with news, interviews, book info, downloads and much, much more...

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