Cormier Still Controversial

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Robert Cormier's novels are still causing controversy. Here's an article about someone calling for the withdrawal of We All Fall down from an American High School curriculum.

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Interesting how the mother who made the complaint presents her actions as so reasonable, yet the bottom line remains that one parent's objections mean an entire class (and perhaps in reality an entire student body) now has had their choice to read the book removed from them. Stories like this make me wish that the rest of the parent body would rise up and object to the objection ? you do not choose what my child does or does not have access to! To me that's a far stronger argument than the whinings of the censors.

Clearly a knee-jerk, fear-based reaction from the Curriculum Director and Superintendent or whatever he's called - one complaint from one parent and they pull the book without reading it and then claim it's not censorship? They should be ashamed to call themselves educators!

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