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CBS News | 'Sitter' Not For Kids | July 10, 2003?12:25:13

"Children's author R.L. Stine, famous for his Goosebumps series, is now branching out to write novels for the young twenty-something generation..."


Dear Mr.Stine
i love your fear street nights books

your sould make fear street nights books into movies it would be so cool if u did.

dear mr. stine,

I have read almost every book you have written. right now i am looking for a list of the fear street books, but i cannot find one on the internet. If you have a chance, would you please e-mail me the list, if you have one?

one of your biggest fans,

Dear R.L,

The first book I read of yours was The Snowman I wasn't really excited about reading for a school assignment because I really didn't like to read that much. After I started it The Next day I was finished. I fell completley in love with the book. I cannot go a day without reading a book espically your books. Once I start one of your books I can't put it down there addictive.

Dear Mr. Stine,

I am writing am book and I want to know if you think it is at least okay for the beginning of a Goosebumps type of book, please reply to me if you do or don?t like it.

Terrance Tyler

Chapter 1

I should not have been here, I?ve heard stories about noises that have been heard in the woods behind the school at night. Once a kid named Charles went into the woods, he had said, ?There is no way that I am not staying at least ten minutes in those woods.? Charles didn?t come to school the next day, or the day after. We all were sent out on a search party to look for Charles, I Zak N. Phultz found Charles, he was sitting in a tree shaking in fear of anything that moved, I asked what was wrong, he just went ballistic, shouting ?Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!?
My little brother, Max J. Phultz and I never saw Charles again, his family moved to Georgia the next day, ?Weird.? I thought.

Well any ways, My friends, Jacob, Matt, Chance, Bill, and Snoopy,(no one knows Snoopy?s real name.) drew straws for someone to sneak out of the house on Sunday and go see what had scared Charles so much. I got the short straw. ?Good luck man.? Snoopy shouted as I strolled into the woods.

I stayed in for five minutes, then I heard the noise, it sounded like a dog growling, A very big dog howling and growling. I started to run away but something grabbed my leg. I tugged against it hard but it pulled me back. The last thing I saw before I passed out, was a set of eyes, deep red eyes, eyes that penetrated my soul, and a long hairy, no, furry arm, with razor sharp claws, and a big gash just below the wrist the last thing I said was, ?Sunday!? I saw the creature run away, and then everything went black.

If you think this is a good first chapter than please write back saying so, if it is good enough, will you please write back a second chapter to give me some ideas, thank you for spending some time reading my story, I just read your book The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, that is were I got my idea. The book is called, What Lies in the Woods?

If anyone on this page likes this idea, please notify me.

Hello RL. Stine I have a great idea for another story you can do, I call it Mother Nature's Monster. It is about when a Military Base out in the dessart working on a new missile. When they tried launching it something happened, and it just went to fast and it broke open a new dimension in it was an oppositte world. Then their was a bad lady named Mother dissaster. She found the opening. She let out a very bad alive tornado with purple clouds and very wierd sounding light now it is up to two kids to help destoy this madness and close up this portal on Mother Natures Monster. Please read this and tell me what you think

From: Tanner

you are the best writer ever and i never put down one of your books.

Hi, I will first start off with how much I like your books especially the Fear Street Super Chillers. Now here's the dilemma I live in Fontana, California and I love (emphasis on love)to read. I find that at my school library and my town library has a limited selection of your books. I mean like maybe five copies. It's pretty pitiful actually. Now to the point, it would be very nice if you donated at least one copy of every book you have. If you decide you won't that's okay I'll still love your books. Thank you so much.

Crystal Jackson

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