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Hot & hectic week - Last night out to Walker's Sizzling Summer Party - (don't expect to see pics of this wonderful event this side of Friday) - tonight video-ing school production of Alice, The Musical - early morning putting a dozen self-assembly boxes together for the collection of Ofsted evidence - colleagues extremely sceptical that it will all fit - tomorrow back to London for TES Summer party 'celebrating Ted Wragg's retirement from Exeter University) - delighted to see (at last!) the ACHUKA TagBoard being used for a proper realtime exchange: between maisy and tom talking about 'when isla meets luke meets isla' by rhian tracey - then I checked maisy and tom's IP addresses and found they were posting from the same machine - makes me wonder if this is a little example of creative marketing :-)

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Personally, I find that an appalling abuse of the TagBoard facility. Some people have no shame...

Steve Alton
Coming soon - 'The Firehills'

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