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These must have been around on country walks for a while, but I hadn't noticed them before. Isn't that a bizarre (and redundant) use of the word 'Even'? The notice carries the logos of the RSPCA and NFU, so must have been well-vetted, but who on earth can think this a natural use of English?

I was out walking at East Dene yesterday evening, and not compiling the weekly ACHUKA Update, so subscribers will have looked in vain for an ACHUKA post this morning. Well, EVEN YOUR website editor needs the odd weekend off.

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Michael, I think the word "Even" is meant to imply that yes, you - your dog, your happy, friendly, wouldn't hurt a fly dog can in fact frighten or injure livestock, even though you think he's the sweetest ball of fluff on the face of the earth. It's not just other people's dogs - even your dog can be a problem! (not you personally, of course Michael!)

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