Shanville Monthly


Darren Shan Monthly 36

Contains a report on his Japanese tour...

"the amount of copies of my books sold in Japan now stands at an incredible 2.5 million -- yes, TWO AND A HALF MILLION!!!! -- copies!!!!!! And they're all hardbacks -- the paperback edition hasn't been released there yet! My head starts to spin every time I think about that!!!!!!!!)"


I'm gonna by the allies of the night now I hope it just as good

I just could'nt help it. I went to uk ebay and bought the hunters of the dusk I cant belive Latern got his scar because he tride to kiss evana or what ever her name is.

Oh my God!!!!
I've been waiting for the Lake Of Souls since the day I finished Killers Of The Dawn!
I got it delivered today!!
I'm on chapter four and can't wait to read it all ( but unfortunately I have college!).
That should be okay ( i'll just read it under the desk!).

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