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I still have the copy of Susan's Star by Molly Haigh that was given to me in August 1943. It has been mended with sellotape unfortunately so is a bit discoloured but I still love it.
Publisher: Franklyn Ward & Wheeler Ltd, Leicester, England

I am trying to track a book down that I didn't finish reading years ago. I can not remember its name or the author. The story I can remember though is of a man that needed to see the president and said that he needed to set off nuclear weapons on the north and south poles as there was too much ice on them and so needed to be melted away so that the earth could stop swining on its axis. If this rings a bell with anyone can you let me know what its called.

Hi, I'm trying to locate a series of books I remember reading at Primary School in the UK in the early 80's - they involved a boy who had a picture of a Silver (Pirate?) ship on his wall that came alive - he could go into the picture and have adventures. If anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful.

I would also be interestedin getting series 1-12 of the pirate series. I am actually only out the first one. please email me.

Hi, I would be very interested in buying the Griffin Pirate Stories. Can anyone help?

Referring to the Griffin Pirate Stories that a few people are trying to remember. The author's name is Sheila K. McCullagh. Illustrated by Mary Gernat. The books I have are published by E.J. Arnold in 1975, but there are earlier printings. I am willing to sell my set of 12 (the first series of the Griffin Pirate Stories). So if you'd like to email me, we could arrange something.

Hope this helps!!!

Re: Pirates. This is not healthy but I think that the following phrase came from one of the books
'I will sail away for a year and a day to see what I can see for here it's too hot its far too hot its far to hot for me'. This may well be false memory syndrome but if anyone can verfiy it would be a great help, (too long to explain why).

If anyone can provide me with the series or even one copy of the Dragon Pirate books by Sheila McCullough I am willing to pay handsomely

The author of the 'Pirate' books was Sheila K.McCullagh under the titles of 'Griffin' and 'Dragon' Pirate Stories. Wish these were found on the internet, so I could find out how these stories ended.

Yes, I also remember the Pirate Books, I read them in the first year of Junior School. There were two series of books, one set began with Roderick and Gregory losing their ships and Benjamin losing his hat in a storm, after that Benjamin went to rescue a group of mermaids and mermen from a curse caused by a giant chain that ran round their island. Benjamin was helped by a Griffin, who gave him a magic mirror, a candle that never went out and a flute to call the Griffin, but the other two pirates were always trying to steal his ship while his back was turned. In the other series, all three pirates had ships, but I never read them because our librarian wouldn't let me - he wanted me to read other books instead for some reason!

I would also very much like to track down the "Benjamin The Blue, Roderick The Red, Gregory The Green" pirate stories. I do remember from reading them in the early '80s that Benjamin liked sapphires, Roderick liked rubies and Gregory liked emeralds. A griffin appeared in the story at some stage. Hope that helps someone find the author's name.

I also remember reading about Roderick the Red and various other pirates... loved them but can't get hold of any now. I also remember reading Roddy the Roadman who was a picture of a roadwork man who came to life... ahhh the 70's!!

To Steph re the Pirate Books. There are a whole series of these books, no longer published. They were I think published by Arnold, Leeds. There are a number around still, mainly in dusty cupboards in primary Schools! Do ask any older teachers that you know about them. I have used them myself in the last two years with reluctant readers and they LOVE these stories - as I did myself when reading with the children.Christine

Searchng for book titled 'Wide wide world'

Elizabeth Goudge wrote a lovely book called `Henrietta's House', which might be the one you're looking for.

I read a book many years ago,about 50 years ago,I
think it was called `THE SECRET HOUSE`.It was about a girl who discovered this closed up house,and got to know the lady who lived there,and eventually the house was opened up again to sunlight and laughter.Any help in findig this book would be appreciated.
Many Thanks
John May.

I remember reading books about John and Mary and Miss Rose Brown. I think she was a sort of governess/Mary Poppins character.

Does anyone know of books about a brother and sister called John and Mary. These books were very popular during the war. They had a series of quite ordinary adventures.

i am looking for a book i read in the 1980s. it was about a dog who lived in the outback in australia. anyone know of it?

i am looking for a bvook about a boy and a stone or sword, i think it was based in the second world war which i was read at primary school in about 1994-5? i am from england. any one know it?

It's worth logging 'Book SLeuth' searches on ACHUKA's discussion forum as well:

I am trying to find a series of books i read as a child in the mid 70's. They featured a family of the stone age. The young boy was called Trog which had a miserable grandfather and some clever people called the Quickerwits. Can anybody help with more info?

Anybody remember the pirate books? I read them in the mid '70s, they featured RODERICK THE RED, BENJAMIN THE BLUE AND GREGORY THE GREEN, plus numerous treasure chests and griffins. Benjamin the Blue was the dashing one, Gregory the Green was mean looking and Roderick was fat I think! I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

I am seeking a childrens modern day fable book from about twentyfive years ago. It was a large A4 size white book with a multi coloured circle on the front. One of the stories was about a boy with multicoloured glasses.

I am seeking details of a series of children's sci fi books published in the UK during the mid 1950s. They were about children born in space stations and who could breath in space. The names of the heroes began with K reflecting the name of the space station.
Can anyone help?

Trying to find "Noahs Ark second class "by Francis(Ephraim) Kishon my eldest children loved it in their early teens- I lent it out and it never returned, the younger two now young adults would like to read it and so would I.
Irreverent look at jewish life after the war in a newly fleding Israel, nothing funnier or more observant than someone lovingly poking fun at their own nation.

The Grey Pumpkin, by Marion St.John Webb. The most frightening book I ever read as a child during the 1940s. Consequently a great favourite under the eiderdown.

I am trying to locate a book called VERMILLION. This book is about a little red haired girl called Vermillion who wants to become a witch. She has a dragon called Spooflunks and they go to the college of the Four Winds to learn about becomming witches. I am keen to get this book for my grand daughter as my wife had this book in the 50's and loved it.

Title: "Susan's Star". Probably USA origin. Small slimline book, pink cover, approx 4"x5". Purchased sometime 1942-45. Seem to remember a picture inside of blue sky and stars! Have searched most of my adult life for it - now a grandmother!

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