The Moon Sucks

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Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Love, hate, good and evil

Observer 'teenage fiction' review by Kit Spring. Includes Pete Johnson's 'charming' Faking It, which ACHUKA has classified a children's book and included in our Fiction Picks.

"A sharp, edgy book that deals with another kind of virtual reality is MT Anderson's Feed (Walker ?4.99, pp314). We're in a future where everyone has a 'feed' connected in their brains to do their thinking for them. Titus is with his friends for a break on the moon, but 'the moon turned out to completely suck'. When he meets a girl called Violet who questions everything, Titus has to start thinking for himself.
This is a savage and ultimately moving satire with strong language which is definitely not for the feelgood market, but which challenges the reader to think about the way we are manipulated by mass culture."

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