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Listening to Live for a Moment by Willy Schwarz, which I found in a shopfront sale in Brighton for just ?1. Knew nothing about him, and bought it as an experiment. It's an eclectic mix, reasonably listenable. Imagine The Incredible String Band with lush multi-instrumental-multi-cultural production. Looking Schwarz up on the web, I discover that he's palyed with Tom Waits and writes for the theatre. Glad to have bought it. Another ?1 bargain was the soundtrack from 'Shades', a Mickey Rourke film I haven't seen. I've found that bargain bin soundtracks are a good way of discovering new music... Turned wet mid-afternoon, which rather spoiled things for the Festival street theatre events.
Midweek, Granny discovered a mouse in her house. T. tried to find it but couldn't. But some chocolate left overnight on Thursday had been well-and-truly-nibbled-and-nobbled. So B. went over first thing yesterday, turned the room upside down, and discovered the intruder inside a cushion cover. She grabbed it in bare hands and put it in a shoebox. Went out to the golf course to release it. But some schoolgirls gathered round and insisted on taking charge of it, even though it bit them. P. went over on bus and put the room to rights.

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