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After a fairly hectic two days, it was good to spend a leisurely afternoon celebrating a family birthday (sister-in-law's 50th). A pub lunch was followed by a walk at Butcher's Hole, then back to Seaford for scones and cake. Tim's still awaiting a response on The Baby Universe...

The dinner on Thursday for Joaquin & Ariel Dorfman's The Burning City was wonderful. The group was small, which meant that for most of the time there was just one conversation to follow - predominantly an entertaining father-son double-act. Further entertainment developed from a situation involving several phonecalls (two made on the ACHUKA mobile) and an extra mystery guest. The food, at the Bank & Zander restaurant, was excellent.

Sophie Masson spoke to both Y6 classes on Friday afternoon. I travelled back with her and Nancy Cooper (of Hodder), and interviewed her on the train. Sophie's latest Hodder title, The Tempestuous Voyage of Hopewell Shakespeare, will be an ACHUKA CHOICE either this week or next, with the interview to accompany it, so I'll say no more about our conversation here.

I don't often make two consecutive trips to London, but the launch for Melvin Burgess's Doing It was not to be missed. I was particularly pleased to meet up with Kevin Brooks and Tim Bowler, both for the first time and, for privately amusing reasons, to speak for the first time to fellow reviewer, Dinah Hall.

Before the lunch I collected new specs from the optician. They had to be reglazed after I'd complained the new prescription didn't seem right. The new lenses don't, intitially, seem any better, but I'll have to try them for a week I suppose.

Now, after the afternoon 'off', I've just had a look through the week's 'newly arrived'. So many books I want to read straight away, despite the size of my pending pile. Keith Gray's Malarkey will certainly jump the queue

as will Peter Dickinson' The Tears of the Salamander.

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